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Coastal Candy 

Coastal Candy was developed to provide consumers, with a safe way to create the look and feel of aged layers of paint.  

Add Coastal Candy to any water based paint to create a beachy, salt-air worn effect. 

Coastal Candy is all-natural, earth friendly, and adds no VOC’s to your paint or the environment.


*Always start with a clean surface. Consult your paints label for proper prep and paint safety.

  1. Mix into your favorite paint.  Ideal consistency mimics that of cake icing.  Mix Chart
  2. Dab your Coastal Candy mixture heavily over entire surface, create peaks and valleys. Let Dry.
  3. Now you are ready to paint your contrasting color (No Candy required for this coat) Allow to completely dry.
  4. Now the fun, sand your surface to reveal your base coat. Sand lightly to reveal some of your base coat or heavily to reveal more.  Palm sanders work best.

How much Coastal Candy will I need?

The amount of coastal candy needed will vary depending on paint consistency and personal preference. 

  • A great starting ratio is 1/2 cup of Coastal Candy per 8 oz of paint.
  • Pour Coastal Candy mixture into your favorite water based paint.
  •  Mix thoroughly  *Ideal consistency mimics that of cake icing.

Mixing Measurement Chart 

 Coastal Candy
 1/4 Cup
 1/2 Cup
 1 Cup
 2 Cups