The Painted Peach Furniture & Home Decor  
    106 Main Street Newmarket, NH 03857

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The Paint Bar

Come to The Paint Bar and bring your own piece! Use our paints, finishes and supplies! Only $10.00 per an hour! During your visit you will also receive 10% off any paint products! Call or email us today to book a time slot. thepaintedpeachnh@gmail.com or (603) 659-8933

Paint Bar Rules & Guidelines

* You must be able to carry your piece in and out by yourself. For your convienence we have a back door located right inside the Paint Bar room! You can just swing around the back of our building and bring in your piece through there. Please call ahead so we know you will be using the back door. 

* Street parking only. Unfortunately we do not have parking spaces available for our customers. 

* No pieces can be left in store. Unfortunately we do not have a lot of space in The Peach Pit so please understand that if you are not able to finish your piece at closing time your piece will need to go home with you. 

* We ask that you manage your time. If you have a larger piece please understand that it will take about 3-4 hours to complete. If you need help gauging the amount of time it might take to complete your piece please don't hesitate to call or email us. 

* Children should not be left unattended. We love children and our products are truly non-toxic and fume free! You can even paint pregnant! We only ask that if you are planning to have your child paint alongside you they will need to be supervised at all times. 

* The Paint Bar has everything you need to compete your piece from beginning to end. We ask that during your time  with us that you clean as you go. 

* Call ahead to book a paint slot if you have a larger piece or are a large party. We can fit 3-4 painters at a time depending on the size of their pieces. 

* We charge per the hour only. If you go into your second hour you will be charged the full $10.00 for every new hour that starts. For example, If you check-in at 1:00 and you finish at 1:30 you will still be charged $20.00.